Art of Yoga

Art of Yoga

  An interview with yoga instructor Harish . k

“Go from a human being doing yoga to a human being yoga. –Baron Baptiste”

Harish .K , an alumnus from Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandana Samsthana [S- VYASA], Bengaluru, holds a  bachelor’s degree in yoga exploring new dimensions . He is currently working as a yoga instructor at Your Day yoga studio in Wilson garden, Bengaluru

Let’s look into his journey!!!

  • How long have you been practicing Yoga?

I have been practicing yoga for 15 years

  • How many types of yoga are there?

There are two types of yoga :Astanga yoga and Hata yoga.I prefer Hata is  a form of yoga that is primarily concerned with breathing regulation through exercises consisting of different  postures designed to keep the body healthy and to induce mental calm. It  removes toxins from your body and  activates all the energy points in our body system.

  • Do you practice a specific style of yoga?

Yes, I love alignment, I love simple, effective sequencing, which does not mean being pretty , but creating accessibility and therefore freedom in  body and mind.

I always mix Hatayoga with Astanga yoga with many variations

  • What are the latest trends in the Yoga industry?

The current trends have literally changed our way of looking at yoga. It is more interactive and focused on solving an individual’s fitness and health related issues.

Latest trends in this industry include power yoga, Aerial yoga, Acro yoga etc.

  • Which one do you prefer:traditional or modern yoga practice?

Both are good. But the modern practice works only on a physical level and  the traditional kind works on all  levels ;physical, mental and spiritual.

Harish practicing different Asanas
  • What is your goal as a yoga instructor?

My task is to teach people how to heal themselves. Many live in a  very stressful environment and do not realize that we have tools, such as yoga, to relieve everyday stressors instantly. I’m still facing challenges. Yoga tools like mantra, meditation, asana, etc. help us to  identify lifestyle imprints and patterns. This information helps us recognize our tendencies, adapt and move towards a more balanced lifestyle. Hence my goal is to impart that.

  • Who is your role model in this industry?

My true inspiration is my guru, Devanand.

  • What is your advice for Beginners?

The idea of yoga is to take care of our physical limitations and overcome our self – obsession. My advice to beginners is to find a teacher who inspires you to feel alive and gives you a sense of great potential, beyond reaching your knees.

Eating Healthy

Eating Healthy

If you are a fitness junkie, you are definitely aware of your eating habits also. Today, most people are fighting cancer only because of their unhealthy eating patterns.

Eating healthy means be sure to add vegetables, fruits, salads,Protein-rich foods etc to your diet plan. Adding more healthy food means giving less room for diseases.

Recent studies show that regular consumption of fried food linked to an increased risk of death from any cause and heart- related death among postmenopausal women. Researchers suggest that reducing consumption of fried foods, especially fried chicken and fried fish, could have a positive impact on public health. Reducing the consumption of fried foods, especially fried chicken and fried fish, can have a clinically significant impact across the public health spectrum.

These are some foods that help to build a balanced diet

1. Flaxseed fiber

Flax seed fiber changes the microbiota to improve metabolic health and protect against dietary increases glucose tolerance. Fiber helps to lose weight and maintaining a healthy weight. It also reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and breast cancer. Flaxseed contains essential components, such as Omega 3 fatty acids, Lignans, and fiber.

2. Beans

Adding beans to your diet has a number of health benefits, such as reducing cholesterol, decreasing blood sugar levels, etc. It is rich in protein, fiber, and vitamins that are essential for our body.

3. Egg

Eggs are highly nutritious and its yolk-rich in Iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Phosphorus, Calcium, Thiamine, is a low calorie,fat- free food. Cholesterol in egg yolk is good for our health.

4. Avocados

Many people avoid avocado because of their high- fat content, but these fats are actually healthy component .it contains abundant nutrients like vitamin k, Folate, vitamin-C, Potassium, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E etc.This is the best fruit to gain healthy weight , it contains less sugar and high amount of nutrients.

Avocados are loaded with powerful antioxidants that can protect our contains carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin., which are important for eye health

Benefits and Risk of Taking Health Supplements

Benefits and Risk of Taking Health Supplements

Health supplements are a group of products used for boosting and enriching health. There are lots of health supplements available in the form of vitamins, minerals, herbs, etc. It has some connection to our fitness industry too.

Nowadays everyone needs a perfect body. There is so much craze about bodybuilding and going to the gym these days. As I said, they need a flexible, perfect body. As a result of this consumption of health supplements is increasing day by day. We don’t even know if it is good or bad for our health.

We all live in a world of people who need an immediate result for everything, so we dont care much about the after effects

If you are a fitness junkie, you should be aware of the negative side of health supplements.

In these days, bodybuilders are using protein supplements in one form or another. You will get different kinds of protein supplements like whey protein, soy, seasoned in the market. Proteins are essential for the growth of muscles. If you overtrain your muscles without an adequate amount of protein, it may eventually lead to injuring our muscles.

“Whey protein is the forerunner among’s a calorie-rich weight loss supplement. If you don’t work out after consuming this, it may ruin your body. Protein calories ultimately become fat and lead to overweight. Excess protein intake has a link to osteoporosis, renal stone, cancer, etc. Therefore,  it’s always better to use protein-rich foods”, says Jaleel, fitness trainer from Bahrain.

Overdosage of protein powder may result in kidney failure. Therefore, always talk to your doctor or dietician before consuming these protein supplements. Apparently, it may support muscle growth and recovery, but it has certain side-effects.

Don’t be scared of protein; it’s highly essential for our body, but the consumption should be in a recommended amount. For the sake of getting immediate results, the overconsumption may danger your life.

Creatine is another popular supplement available in the market. Like protein powder, creatine does not increase muscle size, but it has some direct influence on muscle strength. You will get the desired result within 3months but a high dosage of creatine may result in kidney failure, kidney stones, dehydration etc.


If you follow a well- balanced diet that contains many nutrient-rich sources of protein such as egg, meat, fish, etc. It gives your body more energy that many powders cannot offer.

Fitness Tips and Ideas

Fitness Tips and Ideas

Hey folks!

“Set your goals and get in shape”

Your new year must be flooded with myriads of resolutions. A fitness-focused new year resolution could be worthwhile. We can see a wide variety of fitness hashtags trending in social media. All of these add flavour to our healthy life.

If you are a beginner in this field , You should know these 7  golden rules

1.Consult a doctor before starting your fitness program

It’s better to consult a doctor before starting your fitness program . It helps you to know your body level and current medical condition.

2. Exercise Daily

Exercise daily for an hour at least .Be active in some kind of physical activity. It will be good to go for a 30-minute walk or jog

3. Balanced diet

“Eat Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar”

Keep this motto always while following a healthy diet. Maintaining  a well balanced diet will help you to achieve your desired fitness goals.  The  standard condition is 70percent diet with 30percent workout.

4. Adding water to your diet

Adding water to your diet will help you to stay healthy. Drink at least 3-4 liters a day, so you can quickly burn calories.

5. Add plank workout

Plank is one of the best exercises to achieve stability and strength.There are various types of planks to keep your core strong. You can hold a plank for 20seconds or 2minutes.

Various kinds of planks

6.Proper sleep

Your sleeping patterns should be in equilibrium .A  minimum of  eight hours of sleep is essential for your body . A good sleep cycle will keep you away from stress.


Meditation is very important to our body and soul.Its better to do meditation for 10 minutes after doing some physical activities.

Latest Workout Trends In The Fitness Industry

Latest Workout Trends In The Fitness Industry

Health and fitness industry; one of the global trends flourishing at a faster pace. It created lots of employment opportunities. This industry is all about the emergence of the latest innovative workouts.

Being fit is not just a destination, it’s a way of life. Everyone dream is to get a perfect physique. For this, you have to develop a positive relationship with your workouts. New trendy workouts always grab attention. If you are a fitness enthusiast, then you will definitely know about these trendsetters.

Here are the latest workout trends that motivate more people into the fitness world.

1.High Intensity Interval Training [HIIT]

HIIT; the latest buzz in the fitness world. It is a form of cardio. Latest studies found out that increased cardiorespiratory fitness directly associated with the reduced long -term mortality. So this has a positive influence on our workout practices.” it is the ability of our circulatory and respiratory system to supply oxygen to skeletal muscles during sustained physical activity”, Says Akhilesh, naval base fitness trainer


HIIT is the fast burning of calories. It is done with the combination of planks [25types]. Plank, an effective exercise that helps to gain stability and strength. For this, all you need is to stuck in an extended push up pose without moving your body up or down. The combination of planks will help you in fast burning of calories.

plank exercise

The major advantage of HIIT is that you don’t need to buy expensive equipment and this practice eventually increases our metabolic rate


Crossfit is the combination of full body strength training with heavy weight lifting.It promotes hard workouts with little rest.This will raise your heart rate up,but helps you to achieve a fitter,sharper and flexible body

3.Circuit training

This is an outdoor exercise program mainly designed for burning fat by lifting weights  .It is done by performing a  series of exercises such as squats,pull-ups,swimming one after another.People with high blood pressure and heart problems should stay away from circuit training. Always keep your heart rate up and don’t repeat out on each exercise otherwise you will loose your energy too quickly.

4. Calisthenics workout

This is mainly dependent on our body weight. It includes a series of sit-ups, pushups, pull-ups etc. Initially the workout start with no equipments. It helps you to build muscle strength.

5.Power Yoga

Breathing plays a pivotal role in our workout pattern. Power yoga  is entirely different from traditional yoga . This practice will help you to attain proper breathing and flexibility. It burns more calories and releases toxins through sweat.You have to be moderately fit for doing this exercise otherwise it will physically harm you.

6.Body pumping

Body pumping is a whole body exercise with light weights. It is a 45 min resistance workout and can be done with the help of music. Each exercise is done with the help of song.


Meditation is a good workout practice which lowers the stress hormone , cortisol in our body.Practicing few minutes of meditation can be useful for stress is proven that meditation helpful in balancing growth hormone which is necessary for muscle building,         

“All these workouts are very  much useful and trending in the fitness world. Before practicing these fitness routines , you have to be physically fit and must follow a healthy diet”,says akhilesh,fitness trainer

Akhilesh,Fitness trainer

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Best Foods To Fight Depression and Anxiety

Best Foods To Fight Depression and Anxiety

The Hustle and bustle lifestyle made our life more complicated. Many of us in our group may talk about work stress and peer pressure. We may do n’t even have the time to take care of our health. Changing lifestyle and increasing work pressure may lead us to the path of anxiety and depression. Anxiety mainly occurs due to the imbalance of hormones and chemical messengers in the areas of the brain but recent research proves that proper nutrients in the food can improve this condition.

It might be surprising for you to learn that certain foods are helpful for reducing anxiety

1.Omega-3 rich foods

Studies indicate that people who consume omega-3s are less likely to have anxiety and depression symptoms. There are 3 types of omega 3 fatty acids: Alpha-linolenic acid[ALA], Eicosapentaenoic acid [EPA] and Docosahexaenoic acid [DHA]. The major reason for depression and anxiety is linked with the low dietary intake of acids such as Eicosapentaenoic and Docosahexaenoic acids. You will get an adequate amount of omega 3s by eating a variety of foods such as seafood, nuts,plant oils etc

2.Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is a combination of cocoa solid and cocoa differs from normal milk chocolate.there are lot of health benefits for this but the enthralling fact is that it acts as an anti-depressing is rich in iron,magnesium,copper,zinc,phosphorus and flavanols. The recent studies also show that it has antioxidant properties that can benefit our heart.

3. keto diet

You might have heard about the ketogenic diet. Maybe you have heard this but aren’t sure what it actually means. The ketogenic diet is a diet plan, in this, you have to cut down your carbohydrate intake and also help to burn fat more effectively. This is one of the recent diet trend to go viral on social media platforms. popular Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow, Karan Johar, Huma Qureshi etc promoting this diet plan through social media.

This eating plan is great for achieving our fitness goals but recent studies show the promising signs of this diet trend in improving our mental health. Researchers suggest that it might be an effective tool for “brain fog”; this is a general term for dysfunctions in learning and memory and it’s a source of anxiety for older patients.


Yogurt is rich in lactobacillus and bifidobacteria.These are friendly living bacteria normally found in our digestive,urinary and genital tract.Studies found out that it has positive effects on brain health.

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Influence of smartphone apps in wellness industry

Influence of smartphone apps in wellness industry

Are you a fitness freak?

Once you see the results, it becomes an addiction for you. There is nothing more important than our health. With the advancement of technology our lifestyle also changed. We all know that we are attached to our smartphones.

Why we can’t live without our phones?

We are becoming increasingly reliant, even addicted to them. Besides, it acts as an opinion leader for us. Obesity is one of the most significant health issues faced by the working professional. Due to their hectic work schedule, these people could n’t take care of their health properly. Therefore it will be handy if you have numerous fitness apps in your smartphone. Fitness apps benefit your health whether it physical or mental wellness. Also, apps play a role of a fitness trainer, counsellor, doctor etc.

In the present scenario, FITBIT is the forerunner among all. It is the world’s leading application for tracking overall day activities like yoga, workouts, sleep and more.FITBIT is a brand like apple.

FITBIT  have many fitness products like watches, wearables etc. When you wear this it measures your activities, movements, etc. For this, you can synchronize it via Bluetooth to their app in your phone. After connecting to it, you will get all the information processed in your phone. This app help to track your daily goals and progress over time for distance, steps, calories burned etc. This app is very much useful but u should require Fitbit fitness tracking bands to use full set of features

If you are using a smartwatch, every hour it will remind you to walk this much and it also gives detailed information about the number of calories burned.

FITBIT Versa Smartwatch

“I wear it when I go for sleep and I am totally loving it. This will track our sleep cycles. It also tracks our all-day activity, whether you are running, cycling or gymming” Says Mustafa Shaju, an IT Professional from Bengaluru”.

MYFitnesspal is another popular health and fitness app. This app help to track everything you eat. The main features of this app include Massive food database including global items and cuisines, Recipe importer which import the nutrition information for the recipes you cook, Calorie counter which helps to calculate the calories in your foods, meals and recipes.