We Bleed

We Bleed

Hey all!!

I haven’t been able to upload my post for past few weeks, kind of bored and depressed …… so sorry for that Today I’d like to speak about menstrual taboos that still exist in our India.. We are living in the 21st century, but still there are lots of narrow minded people living in our country.

I was 13 when I had my first menstrual period and I was at home preparing for my exams and got panicked when I found myself bleeding.I thought I had some serious health issues and I am going to die.At that time my father was working in registration department as District registrar and my mother was a teacher so no one in the home, I am living with my grandmother only. My father is a kind of strict person. Instead of comforting me , my grandmother told me that I was a big girl now and that I should stop playing with children in the neighborhood. This cultivated a little aversion in me, around the same time that I was banished from the kitchen also, it urged me to remember that womanhood was a burden I now had to carry around.These kind of taboos is present more in elite communities,being born in a  Nair community my grandmother always told me that you should follow these rules because you are a girl and you are bound by these rules

Even today, if I visit my place in Kerala even if it is for a short period of time and I happen to be on my menstruation, I am not allowed to enter the kitchen or eat with everyone else.

Recent studies also show that girls are deprived of understanding more data about menstrual hygiene because of these superstitions.. Its just a biological process,usage of clothes during periods itself is a unhygienic practice because of this urinary tract infection and cancer are common nowadays. Therfore its necessary to educate the people in a deep root level

Celebrating World’s Health Day

Celebrating World’s Health Day

Tips to be followed on this special day

“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear” -BUDDHA

Today we are celebrating the world’s health day.The world health organization was founded in 1948.The organization was formed with the motto of promoting healthy lifestyle.The theme for this year is “World Health Coverage”.On this day every human being on the earth must realize that sedentary lifestyle cant provide you good health.

Here are some necessary steps that leads to a healthy lifestyle:


Exercise will make your body fit and strong. Do not hesitate to make it as your daily routine.it will help you shred unwanted fat.


Include fruit, vegitables, juices in your health diet. Avoid as much junk food as possible


Adding water to your diet will help you burn calories very quickly.


Always maintain hygiene in all your daily activites like bathing, cooking etc.


Poor sleep can affect your physical and mental activity. It eventually leads to weight gain and obesity .


Regular health checkups should be a part of your daily routine. It will help you to identify diseases .

Wellness Programs In Workplace

Wellness Programs In Workplace

Its world health day on Sunday, April 7 . it is the day when everyone talks about mental health and fitness. Nowadays, even corporates in India focus on mental health of their employees.

They run a variety of wellness programs to improve the mental health of employees. Competition in the corporate field, making employees overloaded with performance pressure.

The major risk factor identified by Indian employers is, according to a recent study stress.

Approximately 80% of the country’s organizations took at least one action last year to improve their employees’ mental health.Leading firms such as Accenture, Asana, google, Microsoft etc. give priority to their employees ‘ health. Therefore, more firms adopt this approach for their employees ‘ mental well – being and thus create a healthy working environment.

“Our company provides us with a variety of wellness programs, which motivates us greatly. The various initiatives in our company include yoga sessions, art therapy, counseling sessions, etc. These programs actually helped to build a positive relationship between employer and employee”, says Ashish working in Accenture,Bengaluru.

Creating ways for employees to break away from work and do fun activities together is important. Awareness – programs and training have been demonstrated to help reduce stress, increase productivity and generally improve the performance of the workforce of an organization.

Benefits of foam rollers

Benefits of foam rollers

Foam rolling exercises have a variety of advantages. It is a type of exercise that helps to loosen up with sore muscles

Foam rolling can also improve your workouts by literally warming your muscles. The friction that foam rolls on the muscles could help raise our body temperatures as well. You have to concentrate on specific parts for these types of exercises.If you suffer serious injuries seek professional advice before foam rolling..

Foam rolling exercises have lots of health benefits:

1. Increases blood  circulation

Foam rolling exercise helps increase our body’s blood circulation. A reduction in our circulation affects our immune system.

2 .Stress

Foam rolling exercises control  stress. it helps to reduce the stress hormone-cortisol in the body.

3.Improves flexibility

 foam roller exercises before an activity can lead to an increase in flexibility. 

4.Best workout tool

It is the best workout tool to gain flexibility and mobility of muscles.

5. Saves your money and time

If you don’t have the time to go to the gym, you can do foam rolling exercises at home.



I eat well but I have cheat days”, this quote is applicable for most of us. We will cut out certain foods that are not good for our health. It’s one of the reasons that cheat days have become so popular.

What do you mean by Cheat Day?

A cheat day is that you’re going to stick to your diet all week long and stay away from cravings for those foods that tempt you by remembering that you’ve got a cheat day coming up. It has proven benefits also

“A cheat meal or cheat day in your healthy diet, you are adding in more calories ,which will help you to raise leptin level. Leptin is an essential hormone in our body, it tells your brain that you have enough energy stored in your cells to engage in the metabolic process”, says Dr.Harsha, Malabar medical college.

In India, the ketogenic diet is a trend and there is no exception for cheat day in this also. It is a low carb diet that offers a  lot of health benefits .it have the potential to fight against Diabetes, cancer, epilepsy, etc.

 Recent studies of the University of  British says that if you follow a low carb diet [ ketogenic diet ] this “cheat day” will affect your body negatively. it shows that the sudden intake of glucose could cause stress on your body. Blood tests in keto dieters indicated damage to Blood vessels after one fizzy drink.

Nine healthy men were recruited by researchers at the University of British Columbia. With a small dose of sugar, they were interested in seeing what would happen. Before and after a seven – day high – fat, low carbohydrate diet, they made them eat a fizzy drink with 75 g of glucose.

The researchers found out that the blood vessel walls were being damaged by the sudden spike in glucose especially if these people are at a higher risk for cardiovascular disease. Their data suggest that You don’t have a ketogenic diet for six days a week and take off on Saturday.

A Foodie Paradise of Health Freaks

A Foodie Paradise of Health Freaks

Will you go to a purely veg place for dinner  on Sunday?

It’s very, very rare…. Right!!!

Have you ever tried Ragi base pizzas or red velvet smoothies

It may sound interesting

If you haven’t tried it yet…. Then come to the Santespa.

An increasing number of restaurants in India are beginning to cater to the health-food requests . Given that the community of health-conscious people is increasing, chefs today have to create healthy food, that’s not bland and insipid.for this case santé spa cuisine in Bengaluru stand out from others.

This restaurant is fully dedicated to fitness freaks. I was really curious about this restaurant so I went for a try.

With all the greenery and earthen woody shades, hues and decor

This restaurant looks beautiful and is quite fresh and soothing. Their  seating is nice and the wooden cutlery is fascinating and quite nice.

The main feature of this restaurant is that Forgotten millets such as ragi, kutu, which are high in fiber and gluten – free, are used in this restaurant.They were very  careful about the ingredients they select, as these naturally affect the quality and flavors of the food cooked.

We ordered Ragi pizza and minted lemonade It took a while to arrive as they were probably  made to order but it was pretty nice and intriguing.We enjoyed the crispy nature of pizza. These pizzas are made especially for those who are lactose sensitive

Ragi Pizza
Minted lemonade

A big plus is that they probably use rolled banana leaf for a straw! What could be more eco – friendly!!?

After that we tried  Red velvet smoothie, if you are ever in the mood for a healthy dinner,this is highly recommended. The red velvet smoothie bowl , not only looks as pretty as a picture, but is rich and creamy with a yummy texture from berries and banana.This dish is highly nutritious.

Red velvet smoothie

All in all, it was a great dining experience and a pleasant culinary journey



Ballet in our fitness world is becoming a trend. It’s a very graceful type of dance in which dancers perform many movements that are unnatural to the body. This particular form of dance requires flexibility and body control. It also helps dancers to improve their body and achieve fitness.

 Only a few people can become a prima ballerina because it takes lots of  patience and hardwork.

Gisele Rodrigues from Mexico is setting a new trend not only in her career, but also in the fitness industry. This 15yr old girl reached lot of heights in such a young age.


  • How long have you been doing Ballet?

I started ballet in my hometown when I was three years old. When I was 8years my parents and I moved to San Diego, from there I started taking ballet more seriously.There I have learned certain things . There were girls competing every week seeking  a scholarship in a better school or just for fame.Then I came back to my hometown and attended several competitions and auditions.I had won some scholarships and acceptances from some good international school like English National Ballet School.

  • What is the hardest part of being a ballet dancer according to you?

According to me, ballet training is the hardest thing because you need good flexibility and body control.

  • What is your fitness secret?

 I don’t eat junk food and drink plenty of water.

  • What is your favorite ballet?

My favorite ballet is swan lake. It is a timeless love story that mixes magic,tragedy and romance into four acts.

  • What are your future plans?

I plan to go to this year’s English National Ballet School for an intensive summer and a full – year audition in a European school.

  • What three words would you use to describe yourself?

I describe myself as determined,responsible and sensitive

  • What advice do you give to those who aspire to be a ballerina?

‘Always follow yours dreams and stay happy”.